Pinot Noir

Red wine

Pinot Noir is tough to grow in our climate, resulting in small returns. In the warmest wine years with a dry autumn, we succeed in creating a qualitative red wine with this precious grape variety. In other years, this grape is mainly used for sparkling wines. 

Specificaties wijn


  • Colour: slightly intense, cherry red with purple hue
  • On the nose: red and black fruit such as raspberries, blackberries and cassis. A fine floral note and a delicate wood impression after swirling.
  • On the palate: juicy fruit on the attack followed by a more complex structure with balanced acidity. Dried fruit, sweet spices and black pepper. 


Fermentation/ageing: 10 days of peel fermentation, daily racking, 10 months on 3-year-old oak barrels.


Wijnbouw en terroir

Soil: sand-loam mixed with Diestian sand, ironstone, flint stones and gravel. Underneath this, well-drained layers of Ledian and Paniselian sand.

Climate: cool temperate climate influenced by the North Sea

Sustainable viticulture: defoliation, green harvest, 10 km of indigenous hedges and sowing flower seeds to attract natural predators, sowing grass to prevent erosion, using compost

Wijnbouw en terroir

Ecologische voetafdruk

Minimising the ecological footprint (Certificate Carbon Footprint by Ecolife in Leuven)

  • Solar panels
  • Use of rainwater
  • Wine boxes of recycled cardboard
  • Use of light wine bottles
  • Well-insulated buildings
  • Shreading and reuse of pruned branches 
  • Combination of several actions in the vineyard to minimise diesel consumption
Ecologische voetafdruk

Food pairing

Along with this red wine, we suggest poultry and delicate read meat, fish a la plancha with rosemary, for example. Serving temperature: 14°-16°C.

Food pairing

Prijzen / Medailles

Silver Medal - Best Belgian Wine '17

Prijzen / medailles

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