Enjoy a

group visit

For a visit with 20 people or more, we offer the type of visit named "Visit and Taste". Visits are possible from Monday to Saturday. Do you wish to visit the domain with fewer than 20 people? Then please visit the page for individual visits.

Visit & Taste

Our experienced guide will take your for a short walk in the vineyard. You'll be submerged in the Entre-Deux-Monts story as well as in the wine culture of Heuvelland. In our vinification room, we will tell you all about how our wine is made and you'll get a glimpse of our charming basement filled with wood barrels. The guide will take you to our tasting room with a stunning view over the vineyards. While enjoying two delicious wines, a movie will tell you more about our craft throughout the different seasons. You'll get a nice view on the pruning, vinification, harvest, tastings... Shortly: the full wine experience @Entre-Deux-Monts

Duration: 1h30min
Price: upon request
Minimum amount of people: 20


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